Gambling is an illegal activity. It is an activity of risking money on an unpredictable result, for example, a horse race. If the horse wins, the money gambled is won. If it loses, the money is lost. When gambling is online-based, it is online gambling. It was first introduced in the early 1990s. It has become quite prevalent all over the world, turning into an addiction. In a few states in India, it is illegal. Online is when it is played from anywhere with just a device and a connection. This takes care of convenience and comfort. 

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Addiction to online gambling is when

  • This activity is always on the mind. It is when the mind is preoccupied with the thoughts of gambling experiences when to do it. Next, sources of money to be put into it. 
  • The money spent on it is increasing to satisfy the excitement of winning. 
  • Attempts to reduce or stop it have failed. 
  • Irritability and restlessness when idle
  • It is looked upon as a way of avoiding complex situations.
  • Also looked upon as an activity that keeps the mind in a light mood.
  • Significantly difficult changes.
  • The financial dependency that happens due to this activity. Looking for an easy way out when a difficulty arises. 

Online gambling does have certain advantages and disadvantages associated with it

The advantages are:

  1. Improves mental sharpness, strength, and alertness. Any game like lotto 4d malaysia is based on the concept of completion of levels within the given time. Time management lessons can be learned from this. 
  2. When luck favors, a lot of money can be won. 
  3. Enhanced coordination between the mind and the hand. 
  4. Interaction with strangers has an impact on social activity.
  5. This is an art. Winning is a probability. When mastered, luck works wonders.

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The disadvantages of online gambling are:

  1. With everything being online, there is a large amount of information that can be accessed. There is the danger of viruses coming along with downloading actions. 
  2. Hackers and fraudsters are always long out for people to target.  There is a trust issue involved in this. There is the possibility of getting duped when a large amount of money is involved. 
  3. When it turns into an addiction, it can take away time spent on other activities requiring attention.
  4. Expenses depend on the amount of gaming in the picture. Cost of hardware requirement may also be involved. The coupling of these expenses will affect the allocation of funds. 

Health implications

Online gaming does affect health. This is a negative effect.

  •  Getting addicted to it. This happens very easily. Adults and children are addicted to it. 
  • Vision issue: This happens due to the screen time’s constant facing, which is called screen time effectively. Irritability in the eyes is common. 
  • Obesity: Obesity comes into the picture because this reduces physical activity in turn, reduces nutritional intake. Diet becomes improper and imbalanced. 
  • Overall health: Continuous sitting takes a toll on the overall health. The body needs the proper exercise of the muscles and joints. This is not taken care of. Muscular and joint issues come up due to this. 

Online gaming may be looked upon as a temporary way of keeping busy.  As long as it does not turn into an addiction, it is fine. Too much online gaming is not good for the overall development. 


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